Télécharger Shareaza Turbo Accelerator est un outil capable d'accélérer la vitesse de téléchargement et augmenter le nombre de sources de l'application de téléchargements P2P Shareaza. Si vous utilisez ce client pour partager des fichiers vous devriez installer maintenant ce logiciel qui vous donne de nouvelles possibilités pour l'optimisation du rendement du logiciel. Fonctionnalités principales Le logiciel dispose d'une simple interface et son utilisation est très simple. Avec le bouton d'accélération vous allez augmenter la capacité de téléchargement de Shareaza. En outre, Shareaza Turbo Accelerator dispose d'autres fonctions très utiles : Nettoyage des fichiers complets ou corrompus de la liste. Sauvegarde et chargement automatique de la configuration.

Nom:shareaza full
Format:Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation:Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence:Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille:52.12 MBytes

Classement: 0 of 5 Notez-le! GUI Added new scheduler window. File moving error now shows as a tray message. Several icon updates. Added St. Patrick's Day and NoBanner example skin. Fixed search dialog's overlapped Shareaza logo.

Fixed ugly colors of highlighted icons for example icons of Library Organizer view. Fixed semi-transparent "? Dialog banner and Media Window logo now skinable including their complete hiding. Fixed not fit long lines in Select dialog. Fixed unused "Gnutella 1" option in Host Browse dialog, now Shareaza will ask G1-only browses under this option.

Media Player Settings now keep track of three external media handlers. IRC Changed chat behavior: now "away" status will not disconnect chat session. Also changed chat log formatting. Fixed lost first symbol when text copied to clipboard. Changed IRC window layout removed header for better view on small screen resolutions. Added IRC channel list preserving even in disconnected state. Added timestamps to IRC status window. Fixed minor bugs.

Extended CEmoticons::FormatText method. Changed some IRC icons. Fixed crash caused by bad Chinese translation. Fixed search window scroll crash. Fixed crash on search window close.

Fixed rare crash when Uploads tip "stuck". Fixed rare crash on skin change access synchronization error.

Fixed rare crash on multi-file torrent reopening. Fixed rare crash on multiple search preview requests. Fixed rare divide-by-zero crash on upload queue rotation Fixed Host Browser rare crash. Fixed "Close after transfer complete" feature now without disconnection. Fixed avatar loading in host browse window.

Fixed Library synchronization. RegExp stability fix. Changed insecure alloca to more robust malloc function. Fixed missed strings for media player Speed, Volume and Position controls. Added more strict checks for skins and so fixed some skins. Internal optimizations Fixed extra sources of completed but still moving downloads. Removed "BitTorrent. TorrentExtraKeys" option since its always "true". Optimized local search engine fixed potential crash on neighbor disconnection; removed library file metadata dependencies.

Implemented asynchronous searches. Added plugin cache for all plugin types earlier it was for ImageService plugins only to improve metadata extraction speed. Improved crashed plugins reload process. Optimized tray icon operations. Optimized download status text code in download window and in remote interface. Improved reaction speed on new hits in search window.

Optimized Host Cache methods. Optimized schema cache code. Optimized library dictionary code also it fixes rare Shareaza exit crash. Optimized host cache code removed extra 8 times per second checks of all G2-hosts inside Search manager.

Host cache now checks by Network core and one time per minute only. Optimized network names resolver. HashLib optimization for non-assembler including bit compilation on VS Reduces CPU usage. Updated Shareaza Chinese Simplified translation by dxrayb.

Fixed all translations Dialog banner and Media Window and added "update.


Shareaza pour Windows XP (32/64 bit)



Shareaza Turbo Accelerator